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Pascale Michalski

came to talk to Orpington Quilters on 12 September 2019

Pascale described herself as a painter, illustrator and a visual story teller.  She has been developing her quilting ideas with cotton and silk for the last three years and has produced some fabulously quilted pictures which she brought along to our evening meeting in September 2019.


Born in Luxembourg, she speaks fluent French, German and English.  She is creative and imaginative and any medium goes – pencils, watercolours, oils.  She said digital work is “cool and quick” but she likes to paint with a story telling approach.  Her designs can start as a digital drawing, then be converted to painting on a wall or as a quilt.  


On her quilting journey she has accumulated many new skills.  Acquiring an old Singer sewing machine from her grandfather she transferred her drawing skills to the sewing machine.  Pascale brought in to show us some of her early examples of simple sketches, painted on fabric and outlined with machine stitching. Each one a little larger and more skillfull, layers on layers, applique, always telling a story. She learnt about tension on the machine, dyeing fabrics, layering to make uneven textures.


She found she liked to work with silk. We were able to see some of her exquisite work, so colourful, and vibrant, every picture covered with beautiful free motion stitching, and raw edge applique added to the story.


She told us that she starts with a visual composition, creates a sketch with pencil and paper, develops this on the Ipad or laptop, adding  colour and contrasts. Story telling and imagination come in and decisions have to be made about fabrics and techniques.


Pascale says she loves being involved and supporting craft, attending events and entering competitions, working to a deadline into the night!  She works full time in the TV and film industry designing and creating props.  She also likes to go rock climbing!


She has won many prizes for her work in the quilting world in a very short time.  Pascale Michalski, a name to look out for in the future.